DRIED SEAWEEDS CHILE SPA is the exporting company of the MAYORGA & ROSS Group, dedicated since 1989 to the extraction, processing and commercialization of seaweeds for industrial uses, supplying directly and indirectly through national exporters, to the phycocolloids processing industries of the world.

Our commitment and experience are based on a policy of continuous improvement from the origin of our raw materials to the final destinations of our products, which allows us to offer high quality processes and products, always focused on meeting the requirements of our customers. For this purpose we have three own processing plants, one located in the north of Chile, exclusively for brown seaweed and two in the center of the country for red and brown seaweeds.

DRIED SEAWEEDS CHILE SPA started its export operations in 2015, after 25 years of experience in the seaweed business of the MAYORGA & ROSS Group; a great family business from the south of the world.