Having the necessary infrastructure and machinery to receive large volumes of raw material, a continuous dehydration and efficient processing with equipment and skilled crew, are critical points for the development of our activity. To achieve this, we have three processing plants located in strategic places in our country, considering favorable weather conditions for natural sun drying and the proximity to the origin of raw materials and the main ports.

Oruro Plant (Brown Seaweeds)

Location: Oruro alto S/N, Ovalle (IV Región, Coquimbo)
Builded Surface: 1500 m2
Drying Surface: 4,5 Hc
Nearest Ports: Valparaiso (CLVAP), 350 Km.

Chillán Plant (Red and Brown Seaweeds)

Location: Km. 10 Camino Yungay, Chillán Viejo (XVI Región, Ñuble)
Builded Surface: 3500 m2
Drying Surface: 4,5 Hc
Nearest Ports:


Coronel (CLCNL), 130 Km.

Valparaiso (CLVAP), 520 Km.

Central Office

Flores Millán #1575, C33. Chillán – Chile.

+ 56 9 9873 9237